Leighton Meester Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester is suing her own mother for misusing money the Gossip Girl star sent home, TMZ.com reports.

According to the suit, Meester had sent $7,500 a month to her mother, Constance, to provide for Lex, Leighton's little brother who has medical issues. Constance instead used the money to pay for cosmetic procedures for herself and other personal expenses.

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In addition, the Meester matriarch claims that she's owed $10,000 a month according to an oral contract she and Leighton had made and has threatened to file a $3 million lawsuit against her daughter if she didn't pay. The Gossip Girl actress, however, has requested the judge to declare that no such contract exists.

In a new countersuit, Constance claims Leighton threw her to the ground and hit her repeatedly with a bottle before Christmas. The suit also says Constance does not deny receiving money from Leighton, but her daughter had been sending the money as a settlement for all the money Constance helped her make — not to care for Lex.