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Alexis Denisof Says Legacies' New Headmaster Will Clash With Alaric

But he's a got a seriously spiffy wardrobe to boot

Lindsay MacDonald

The Salvatore School welcomes a new headmaster in this week's Legacies, and he might be just the thing the school needs to turn itself around. Either that or turn it into a horror movie.

Alexis Denisof, whom many will remember as Buffy the Vampire Slayerand Angel's watcher-turned-rogue demon hunter Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, will be making his Legacies debut as Professor Vardemus, the school's magically inclined new headmaster. He isn't from Mystic Falls -- let's just say that fans might get to hear the hoity-toity British accent Denisof put to use on Buffy -- and that's going to lead to some issues.

"He comes from a completely other place than the region where the Salvatore School is located, and he brings his own beliefs. He brings a very clear point of view," Denisof told TV Guide of the character, who also has a very clear sense of style, of which he's very proud. "He's a very clear character and one that is not entirely harmonious with the school, the kids, or in particular, Alaric (Matthew Davis). The fact that it's awkward is what gives richness to the scene and adds to the humor and the tension."

His dust-ups with Alaric aren't just because he's here to take the illustrious Dr. Saltzman's job though. According to Denisof, the two men will have entirely different views on how to run a supernatural school and how to raise supernatural children in general.

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"He comes in with the belief that the kids should fully inhabit their powers," Denisof explained. "They should not be afraid of them and they should be taught every aspect of them, both light and dark. And that the more control that they gain of their powers, the better equipped they are to handle themselves."

"He does not agree with the philosophy previously espoused by Alaric, ... that they should hide from humans or hide their powers or be a secret society," he said. "In his opinion, the world ultimately will be ruled by supernatural beings and the sooner they learn command of that, the better."

We can think of one or two students at the school who will be on board with that, but overall, we're not sure whether this new attitude will lead to happy, healthy lives for our favorite witches, vampires, and werewolves. Do we not remember that jinni wish-world in which supernaturals were discovered and then immediately hunted to extinction? There's something to be said for keeping secrets that keep kids safe.

Whether or not Professor Vardemus' way of doing things works out in the kids' favor is yet to be seen. But we've got a feeling some of that dark magic could come in handy if Malivore keeps spitting out monsters like the one at the end of the Season 2 premiere.

Legacies returns Thursday, Oct. 10 at 9/8c on The CW.

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Alexis Denisof, Grimm

Alexis Denisof, Grimm

NBC, NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images