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Legacies' Kaylee Bryant Teases Josie's Pivotal Reunion with Her Mom

Prepare to cry your eyes out

Lindsay MacDonald

Legacieshas been getting weekly visits from monsters of all shapes and sizes, but this week's monster isn't just out for blood -- she's out for some mommy-daughter time too!

The Vampire Diaries fans will remember that Alaric's (Matt Davis) wife (and the twins' biological mother) was killed at their wedding by her psychotic twin brother Kai (Chris Wood). which is why Josie and Lizzie consider Caroline to be their mom. Thanks to some magical shenanigans, she did carry them for most of the pregnancy and she raised them as her own. Well now, Jo (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) is back from the dead as "Mombie Dearest" for Josie (Kaylee Bryant) and Lizzie's (Jenny Boyd) sweet sixteen.

Unfortunately, the girls will have more emotional wars to wage in addition to mommy rising from the grave, since they've both got hookups, break ups and exes to deal with in the meantime. TV Guide checked in with Kaylee Bryant to find out what we can expect from Josie's emotional (and possibly tearful) reunion with her mother and to reassure us that it's OK to start kind of liking Penelope (Lulu Antariksa).

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Kaylee Bryant, Legacies

Kaylee Bryant, Legacies

Bob Mahoney, Bob Mahoney/The CW

In light of her burgeoning feelings for Rafael (Peyton Alex Smith), how will Josie react to the news of Lizzie and Rafael's steamy hook up last week?
Kaylee Bryant: I like to think that Josie reacts appropriately. Because Josie doesn't have any claim over Raf. I feel like it's really easy for the fans to look to Raf and be like, "How dare you do this to Josie" or "How could Lizzie do this to Josie," when the reality is, the only person that Josie told that she had a crush on Raf was Hope. So you can't get mad at either one of those characters when Josie just never spoke up for herself. I think that that's something that Josie's aware of kind of walking into that situation in Episode 6.

Speaking of which, Penelope revealed the reason she's so mean to Lizzie is because she feels like Lizzie takes advantage of Josie and that caused their breakup. Do you that's a fair assessment of the twins' relationship?
It's a difficult question to answer because I feel like it's really easy to point the finger at Lizzie when the reality is Josie isn't giving herself any credit, and she's not letting her voice be heard because she doesn't think that it needs to be. So I don't think it's appropriate to put all the blame on Lizzie - don't get me wrong, she can be very aloof sometimes - but you can't put everything on her when Josie has never given her the chance to pay attention to Josie in that way. I think that Penelope comes from a really good place, but Josie needs to look within herself moreso than she does the people around her if that makes sense.

And now I have to like Penelope.
Bryant: That's just Julie Plec, making you love the hated characters.

Do you think there's hope for her and Josie now that we know the animosity is coming from almost a place of love and defense of Josie?
It's so funny how that happens too because one day you're going to ship Josie with Raf and then you're going to ship her with Penelope. It's constantly a push and pull. But whoever is really for Josie and Penelope, they definitely have something to look forward to in Episode 6. That being said, Penelope broke Josie's heart before anybody even met the series, and so whatever they have going for them, it comes from a very cautious viewpoint from Josie's position just because she doesn't want to repeat history with Penelope.

It sort of feel like you can ship every single character with every single other character at this point in the series.
Bryant: Oh definitely! I feel like it's very fitting with young kids at a boarding school, just because of course it's going to be sloppy and everybody is going to like everybody just because I think that's how it is. I feel like it's very honest.

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​Candice King, The Originals

Candice King, The Originals

We know Caroline (Candice King) is going to miss her daughters' sweet sixteen, so how is that going to go over with Josie and particularly Lizzie?
Bryant: I discussed how heartbroken Lizzie is over Caroline not being there in Episode 3, and so when you have something as momentous as your sixteenth birthday -- Lizzie has been planning her sixteenth birthday since she came out of the womb. So the idea that her mom won't be there affects her greatly. Whereas Josie, she's looking at Lizzie going, "Oh God, no. I hope this doesn't affect you greatly." So Josie's walking on eggshells around Lizzie this episode.

They both get the opportunity to get to know their biological mother thanks to this monster of the week thing, so how will they react differently to the opportunity to meet Jo?
Bryant: I think it's an interesting dynamic to watch because Lizzie feels so attached to Caroline and always has identified Caroline as her mother. Josie loves Caroline and sees Caroline as her mom, but she's never seen herself in Caroline. She hasn't seen herself in anyone up until she meets Jo. And it's actually funny, when I was auditioning for Josie, I actually went back and watched scenes of Jodi playing Jo because I just felt like there was a connection there between these two characters. So when Josie finally does meet Jo and they have similar ways of going about situations and similar sense of humor, something clicks within Josie that doesn't quite click with Lizzie.

Do you think this new connection changes something for Josie as a character overall?
There's a particular scene where you see Jo actually ask Josie about her life and just normal questions that you would think would be commonly asked to Josie, and they're just not. I think that the audience has that realization just as much as Josie. I think Episode 6 kind of catapults Josie into what I've been calling her Season 1 arc of just realizing that her opinion and her voice matters in a lot of ways. So that's what I think is really amazing about Jo. It kind of catapults Josie into answering a lot of questions about herself.

Legacies airs Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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