LeBron James LeBron James

Jeers to ESPN for turning LeBron James' The Decision into a sideshow.

The sports network basically turned over the keys to the NBA free agent, allowing him to choose who would interview him (the aptly named Jim Gray) and who would sponsor (the University of Phoenix—huh?) his primetime special announcing where he'll play next season. And as much as the anchors pretended not to know he'd chosen the Miami Heat before he made his announcement, widespread leaks turned it into the biggest anti-climax since the Cleveland Cavaliers' 2010 playoff collapse.

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Back in the studio, Stuart Scott & Co. allowed "King James" (as he's dubbed himself on Twitter) to talk about himself in the third person and bemoan how "tough" the decision was to abandon his home state in pursuit of a championship ring with new teammates Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. Judging from the reaction in Cleveland, among other places, they should've called this show The Derision.

Do you think ESPN fouled out with The Decision?

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