Question: I am leaving on vacation next week and I need some 24 spoilers before I go!

Answer: Major-ass prattle-poop! Spoke to exec producer Evan Katz at press tour, and the boss-man told me that somewhere between "18 months and two years" will have passed when Season 6 launches in January. He said the idea of picking up immediately where last season left off was "talked about, but it's always important to us for the characters to have traveled a certain amount of distance emotionally. You don't get a chance to do a lot of that during the course [of the season]. Also, the odds that two of the worst days [would occur] right next to each other stretches credulity a little bit." Meanwhile, the New York remote that I first told you about last month has been scrapped. A source close to the show informs me that the producers have rethought the first episode and have decided that they can get what they need in Los Angeles. Bummer. I was hoping we'd get to see Chloe try to hail a cab during rush hour.