Question: Will all of the Law & Order shows return as-is next year?

Answer: Definitely not, and that brings me to this week's big-ass prattle poop. Dick Wolf sent out a memo to casting directors on both coasts last week alerting them that they will be "adding series regulars to all of the Law & Order shows for next season." Among the roles they're looking to fill: male and female cops, young and seasoned; male and female detectives, open age; male and female ADAs, young; male and female lawyers/DAs, open age. The memo went on to say that "the most important characteristic that your actors must posses is a very New York edge." Now, keep in mind that Wolf has already said that a major cast member will be leaving Law & Order, but the exodus apparently extends far beyond the mothership. Speaking of which, NBC released this teaser about the May 17 finale that may provide clues as to who's leaving. "In a legal gambit, ADA McCoy (Sam Waterston) must then risk his career and those of others, as well to bend the rules." Translation: Say farewell to Annie Parisse's ADA Alex, who, according to today's Hollywood Reporter, will exit at season's end.