I'm heading off to the Shrine in a few hours for a little thing called the Emmys (you may have heard of them), but I couldn't leave without sharing with you some of the scoop I uncovered while making the pre-Emmy rounds this weekend.

* The leading lady of a CBS procedural is expecting. Do the math and I think you'll figure this one out.

* My favorite Girl Lauren Graham arrived at Entertainment Weekly's bash at Republic last night with a familiar Friend in tow: Matthew Perry. Now, I know, these two have attended events together before, but this time they looked pretty, um, friendly with each other. (For the record, that pun never gets old.) We chatted for a few moments about her day job "It's such a different process this year," she reiterated and then she all but confirmed that next year GG will be submitted as a drama in the Emmy race. On the topic of her umpteenth snub, she joked, "I know! I just heard I wasn't nominated!"

* Denis Leary showed up at the EW soiree with his two kids. I was tempted to ask him what happens in the shocking (or so I hear) final 15 minutes of Tuesday's Rescue Me finale, since the advance DVD FX sent me froze at the three-quarter mark. But I didn't: There are some things even a spoiler whore like me doesn't want spoiled. (FX, if you're reading this, please messenger another DVD over to my hotel ASAP!)

* Rumors persist that the male lead on a new fall drama will disappear at some point this season. (Hint: His alleged replacement has already been announced.)

* Nip/Tuck got the buzz started on its third season Friday night with a screening on the Paramount lot and an after-party at the Hollywood Roosevelt. I've already seen the first episode (I'd give it a B), so I skipped the screening and made a beeline for the party and I'm glad I did. Apparently, it was standing-room only in the theater, and FX had to turn, like, 100 people away. The poolside bash featured all the Nip/Tuck regulars, plus special guest stars Rosie O'Donnell (didn't see her, but heard she grew her hair out in preparation for her View debut), Brooke Shields and that scary tattooed dude from Season 1. There were also synchronized swimmers not sure what the tie-in was there and computers that showed you what you'd look like post-face-lift. At least I heard there were. I looped the grounds about 20 times and I couldn't for the life of me find them.

* One of our favorite shows will feature a major death in its season premiere. I'll have more on this in Wednesday's AA.

* Set your FauxVos! I just found out that I'll be in a (small) part of the TVG Channel's Countdown show this afternoon. I think I'm scheduled to go on between 1 and 2 pm/PST to discuss my predictions and shamelessly plug my various columns.

* Saturday afternoon I toured the site of tonight's TV Guide After Party at Social Hollywood (fka Hollywood Athletic Club) and I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say it's going to be insane. Between all the satellite trucks, the six-mile red carpet and construction workers by the hundreds, you'd think the Emmys themselves were being held there. (Interesting factoid: The original Emmys were held there in 1949.) I'm really excited because this year, TVGuide.com has its very own interview platform at the venue - right next to the TV Guide Channel and Access Hollywood. Dan Manu and I will be holding court, ready to pounce on anything even resembling an A-lister (or B, C and D for that matter). All of the video from our interviews will be posted on TVGuide.com the following morning, so be sure to check it out.

OK, time to take my traditional pre-Emmy nap. Have fun watching the big show. And again, don't forget to look for me in all those background shots on the red carpet. E-mail me your sightings and I may run them in Wednesday's Emmy-themed AA!

Oh, one last thing: Go, Scrubs!