Lauren Conrad Lauren Conrad

The bad economy has claimed its latest victim: Lauren Conrad.

The Hills star and budding clothing designer is temporarily putting her clothing line on hold, according to Us. Her rep insists, however, that Conrad's duds will be back in stores eventually.

"She is taking a hiatus, but the line still exists and will continue," her rep told Us. "The sales of her line in the first year doubled what was projected. However, in light of the economy, it's a good time for Lauren to take a few seasons off to re-work her still-budding line. She will look over the past seasons to determine what worked and what didn't work so that she may design clothing that will appeal to her fans."

As a result of the hiatus, the delivery of the spring and summer lines have been cancelled, according to the New York Post.

Conrad launched the Lauren Conrad collection in fall 2007, featuring jersey dresses named after her friends. She is currently filming her fifth and final season of The Hills... which she said she was leaving behind to pursue fashion and design. So, um, now what, Lauren?