First Lady Laura Bush nearly met her TV doppelganger at a White House press corps dinner on Sunday. Carrie Quinn Dolin — who spoofs Dubya's wife on Comedy Central's That's My Bush! — was slated to attend until a last-minute change in the series's production schedule kept her from flying to Washington, D.C.

Though disappointed, Dolin's a little relieved at having been spared the awkwardness of such an encounter. "I don't know what I would say to her if I was introduced," she admits. "I watched the interview with Mrs. Bush on Larry King Live, and she said she'd heard about our show but never watched it. I don't know how close they would ever let me get to her, but I think my chances of shaking hands with her are pretty slim."

Like the sitcom's irreverent creators — South Park's Trey Parker and Matt Stone — Dolin makes no apologies for the outrageous humor on That's My Bush! "I don't think we're making fun of Mrs. Bush — we're just taking a little artistic license," she winks. "I took this role very seriously. I watched a lot of tapes of her and read up on her life — as it turned out, I could have saved my time. Matt and Trey are constantly on the set and they're always pushing us to the edge."

For example, Dolin points to the debut episode, when "Mrs. Bush" inadvertently flashed a room full of White House visitors. "It was totally innocent," she laughs. "Mrs. Bush is just trying to get the President into the bedroom. Even though she's supposed to be naked in the scene, I certainly wasn't. It was all done with computers."

Dolin, who paid her dues as a movie extra before landing her plum gig, reveals: "Actually, I'm a Democrat, but I'm really glad that Bush got elected. It's made my career. When Matt and Trey asked me if I'd seen South Park, I had to tell them, 'No.' I couldn't afford cable until I became Mrs. Bush!"