Although this election has thrown many Americans into a deep, dark pit of despair, there is one bright spot that never fails to cut through all this madness: Laura Benanti's Melania Trump impression.

The Broadway star reprised her impersonation of Donald Trump's wife on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Tuesday, where she defended the GOP presidential candidate's "locker room talk."

As she's being fed lines by an off-screen handler, "Melania" claims to have forgiven her husband and defends Trump against the numerous allegations of sexual assault and misconduct. "Those are all lies, Stephen," Benanti says. "Except the ones where there's video tape. Then it's locker room talk."

Benanti went on to explain that Trump couldn't help it, since all men are "foul-mouthed, Billy Bush-grabbing pigs."

"They're all animals," she continues. "If only a woman could be president."

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