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Two years and 406 episodes later, Jimmy Fallon has just one complaint about the success of Late Night: His parents now crave Red Bull.

"I wish my parents would DVR my show or Tivo it. They're staying up too late," Fallon told TVGuide.com. Apparently, mom and dad watch the show live every night at 12:37 a.m. "They're becoming night owls. They're opening up a night club now. They're addicted to Red Bull. I'm afraid for their health."

But aside from his parents' sleep deprivation, Fallon had little to complain about at Friday's PaleyFest panel celebrating his two-year anniversary. "It's gone by so fast," he said. "Sometimes it feels like two weeks and sometimes it feels like 100 years."

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Since first taking over the berth responsible for launching David Letterman and Conan O'Brien in March 2009, the Saturday Night Live vet has steadily built a loyal viewership thanks to hilarious sketches-gone-viral videos such as The Real Housewives of Late Night and Jersey Floor.

Fallon says one of Late Night's biggest turning points thus far was a moment not even featured on the show.

"I think the Emmys was a big move for us," he said, explaining later in the evening that it took some major convincing for the Academy to offer him the gig. "When I hosted the Emmys, it got us a bigger audience and a lot of people that hadn't seen the show before started to take notice and tune in."

For Fallon's guests, appearing on Late Night is a very different experience than visiting Jay Leno or Letterman. Whether it's a game of beer bong with Betty White or performing a rocking rendition of "Whip My Hair" with Bruce Springsteen, Fallon has also become known for letting his guests in on the fun.

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So how exactly does he get these big names to partake in such silly sketches? "I think they just see that we're all about having fun. We want the audience at home to have fun, we want the guests to have fun as well," he said. "The whole business should be fun, that's what it's all about."

Late Night's weeklong anniversary celebration will be no different. Guests include Howard Stern and a reunion of the '80s rock band The Cars. Tiger Woods will also stop by to — yes — play mini-golf with Fallon in the golf star's first late-night talk show appearance since his media scandal and subsequent divorce.

Jimmy Fallon, Jake Gyllenhaal sing Sarah Palin song on Late Night

Fallon doesn't appear to be letting success affect him too much. For the staff of Late Night, it's simply about what's next. "We're just keeping our heads down and working as hard as we possibly can to come up with new bits and new ideas," he said.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon airs weeknights at 12:37/11:37c on NBC.