The Republican National Convention featured its fair share of controversial moments, but on Sunday's Last Week Tonight, John Oliver pointed out a disturbing trend that ran through the entire event.

"It was a four day exercise emphasizing feelings over facts," Oliver said.

As the host explained, the RNC was filled with people discussing how they felt about a topic - from President Obama being Muslim to the state of the economy - that had absolutely no basis in fact. But even more troubling than this was how these speakers steadfastly insisted their feelings were equally valid as facts.

"As a political candidate, I'll go with how people feel and I'll let you go with the theoriticians," Newt Gingrich told a reporter in a clip, after she countered Gingrich's claim that violent crime is rising with an FBI study that indicated the contrary.

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"He just brought a feeling to a f---ing fact fight!" Oliver exclaimed. "And it is worth taking just a moment to seriously consider what Gingrich was saying there, because think about it: I think we can all agree that candidates can create feelings in people. And what Gingrich is saying is that feelings are as valid as fact. So then, by the transitive property, candidates can create facts, which is terrifying because that means someone like Donald Trump can essentially create his own reality. And that's the closest thing to an actual magic spell I think I've ever seen."

Watch Oliver's whole segment on the RNC above.