Mike (Tim Allen) and his son-in-law Ryan Jordan Masterson haven't always seen eye to eye on Last Man Standing -- especially when it comes to ideological beliefs. Ryan, of course, is an avowed lefty Democrat while Mike is... not that, and their contrasting ideas on how America might function best have definitely made things in the Baxter family tense at times, to say the least.

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But the two might have found a tentative bridge — or more to the point, a branch. And that's not the standard olive branch, mind you, but a branch of sticky green bud, as Ryan's increasing success managing his late father's pot shop, Bud's Buds, starts to make dollar signs flash in his eyes. As you'll see in the exclusive sneak peek of Friday's episode above, Ryan is suddenly thinking about expanding the business, growing profits and hiring more people — objectives that sound suspiciously like a little thing called "capitalism" that Mike has been trying to get Ryan to appreciate all along.

Last Man Standing airs Fridays at 8/7c on Fox.