Well this is becoming a thing, and it's a thing I'm WAY into.

Last Man on Earth pulled off another surprise (and incredibly brief) season-premiere cameo on Sunday night, bringing in Jack Black (Tenacious D, Kung Fu Panda) for all of, oh, half a second before his character was killed off. Will Forte's comedy has now done this in three consecutive season premieres, following the hasty deaths of characters played by Will Ferrell (Season 2) and Jon Hamm (Season 3).

The Season 4 premiere followed up the surprise ending to the Season 3 finale, when Kristen Wiig's Pamela shot Pat (Mark Boone Jr.) after the latter was about to blow away Tandy (Forte) with a shotgun on the boat Tandy and crew were planning to sail to Mexico on. Instead, Pat's brains filled the helmet of his hazmat suit, while Pamela sheepishly introduced herself.

As Season 4 picked up, Pamela introduced her traveling companion and lover Rear Admiral Roy Billups (Black), who strolled in wearing a captain's outfit and said, "She's a nice ship, I can't wait to take her out for a-" We'll never know what that next word would be (spin? stroll? date?) because Roy was shot by Pat in his last moments. Pamela then filled Pat with lead, but it was too late for Roy, who died. It's cool though, they held a funeral on the deck of the boat with an accordion version of "Forever Young." And don't feel too bad for Pamela, she brought her dog Jeremy along on the trip.

Last season, Hamm filled the role of momentary cast member on the Fox series. He played a hazmat-suit-wearing man named Darrell, and was shot by his former Mad Men co-star January Jones.

But the show's use of quick celebrity stints actually started in the Season 2 premiere, when Carol (Kristen Schaal) snuck up on another group of survivors and scared Ferrell's Gordon to death via heart attack. However, he went out doing what he loved, which was slinging some rhymes from Snow's "Informer."

Let's all root for Fox to renew Last Man on Earth for a fifth season. I hear George Clooney has some free time.

Last Man on Earth airs Sunday nights at 9:30/8:30c on Fox.