If you tuned into Thursday's Late Show, you were greeted by a surprise that probably made you check what channel you were watching. Instead of Stephen Colbert coming out to deliver the monologue, it was Larry Wilmore, former host of the recently-canceled Comedy Central late-night show The Nightly Show.

Wilmore came out and told one joke before the real host came out and asked what he's doing.

Larry Wilmore and Stephen Colbert, <em>The Late Show</em>Larry Wilmore and Stephen Colbert, The Late Show

"I'm sorry, man, I thought whoever leaves 11:30 at Comedy Central just gets the Late Show," said Wilmore.

Wilmore and Colbert both came to prominence on The Daily Show, and Wilmore's show took the 11:30 time slot vacated by The Colbert Report when Stephen Colbert left Comedy Central for the Late Show.

The Nightly Show was cancelled in August due to low ratings.

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