Comedian Larry Wilmore's late-night talk show The Nightly Show was canceled by Comedy Central earlier this week due to lackluster ratings. Thursday's (August 18) episode was the last one, and Wilmore gave his show a bittersweet send-off, with an assist from Jon Stewart.

Wilmore's old Daily Show boss (and Nightly Show executive producer) stopped by to drop off a bottle of champagne. "Did you piss off Peter Thiel?" Stewart joked, referencing the tech billionaire's takedown of

Stewart told Wilmore he loves him (awww) and advised him "do not confuse cancellation with failure," which is very true in Wilmore's case, since the cancellation of The Nightly Show is a failure of audience appreciation, not the quality of the show.

At the end of the show, Wilmore gave his final sign off, thanking Comedy Central, Jon Stewart, the staff of The Nightly Show, his fans and even his haters.

And he kept it 100 with his last four words: "I'm not done yet."

Wilmore hasn't announced his next move yet, but he has other projects he could get more involved in — he's an executive producer on ABC's Black-ish and HBO's upcoming sitcom Insecure.

The Nightly Show's 11:30 time slot will be filled by @midnight for the time being while Comedy Central looks for a permanent replacement.