If the promos for Larry David's SNL hosting stint are any indication of what's coming this Saturday, viewers are in for a deliciously awkward time - which is David's forte.

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To get you in the mood for what's coming, David paired with the sketch show's queen of no bulls--t Leslie Jones. She's not having it at all when David says he doesn't really care if people tune into the show or not — the show has been on for 40 years, who cares if they watch or not? She's straight up indifferent when David asks why she's not flirting with him like she usually does with the guest hosts.

Jones was most excited to debut her own awkward theme music - a la Curb Your Enthusiasm - though. Honestly, the whole show could just be these two trading shticks with each other and it'd be great.

SNL hosted by Larry David airs Saturday at 11:30/10:30c on NBC.