Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay "I Did Drugs... No I Didn't" Lohan and Kate "I Didn't Do Drugs... OK, I Did" Moss put on quite a show at NYC's Scores the other night (and by night, we mean early morning). Per the New York Post, the scandal magnets visited the strip club at 2:45 am Wednesday, enjoyed numerous lap dances and vodka shots in the Champagne Room, then proceeded to each hop on to the bar and treat onlookers to pole dances. "They were swinging on the pole with their arms around each other's waists, kissing each other, caressing each other, acting just like strippers," one eyewitness tells the Post. "They didn't take off any clothes, but it was very hot." When tipped by one patron, Moss said it was the first time shed seen a $20 bill not rolled up.