As cyclist Lance Armstrong competes in the Tour de France, he's still making huge strides in his fight against cancer — only this time he's teaming up with a Gossip Girl writer.

Nike and Lance Armstrong's Livestrong Foundation have joined forces with Gossip Girl writer Jessica Queller to create a video telling both the inspiring story of her mother's battle with cancer, as well as her brave decision to get a preventative double mastectomy after testing positive for a breast cancer gene.

Check out a Q&A with Queller to find out more about her amazing story

The video is part of Nike's new "It's About You" integrated media and grassroots campaign featuring Lance Armstrong, other world-class athletes, celebrities and survivors, in a call to action to join the global fight against cancer.

Watch Queller tell her story in the touching video below:

GOSSIP GIRL writer, cancer survivor, shares her story.

Jessica Queller, writer of Gilmore Girls and Gossip Girl, shares her emotional story about her mother's battle with cancer and her promise to carry out her final wish.|Jessica Queller|Gossip Girl|Gilmore Girls|Lance Armstrong|

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