This summer, when Justin Long reported back to work as Warren Cheswick, the adorably awkward everyteen of NBC's quirky sophomore sleeper, Ed, he had no idea what to expect. However, he knew exactly what he wanted from the new season (now underway Wednesdays at 8 pm/ET): girls, girls and more girls!

"I would like for Warren to get a girlfriend," the 23-year-old insists to TV Guide Online, "but it's so much fun toying with that very adolescent trait of just sheer indecisiveness and confusion. Were he to settle down, I think it would really just screw around with his dynamic.

"So," he concludes, "maybe even more girls should enter the picture."

Unfortunately, by the time Ed wound up its first season, Warren's dance card was already pretty full. Though he had gotten over his crush on teacher Carol, he had bungled his romance with sensible Donna by asking out curvaceous classmate Jessica, then escorting a hooker to the prom. Still, the way that Long sees it, there's room left for at least one more woman in his character's life: his mother. Of course, what do you expect from a youngster who is as proud of his own mom, Wendy Lesniak, as he is?

"She's done Broadway and a lot of commercials, and she was the Entenmann's lady in the 1980s," he says. "But I grew up watching her struggle and being just [bleeped] on by agents. When I decided to become an actor, she was terrified."