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LA to Vegas Canceled

Goodbye, McDermottstache

Tim Surette

Apparently networks are still making decisions about shows (you thought they were finished, didn't you?), because Fox has come in with a late judgment on its comedy LA to Vegas. Like a flight out of LAX on that one day per year in Southern California where it rains, LA to Vegas has been canceled, says Variety.

The series was barely on the bubble as it came time for networks to make final decisions on what would live and die while they fleshed out their 2018-2019 fall TV schedules, but realistically, the show's chances weren't good. It was near the bottom of Fox's pile in terms of ratings with a 0.73 average overnight rating, good for 16th out of Fox's 20 series. And when the strategy for "New Fox" became apparent -- it canceled all but one of its single-camera comedies (the still-to-be-decided Ghosted) and ordered only multi-camera comedies in the genre -- the chances of LA to Vegas were as good at your chances of leaving Vegas with cash in your pocket.

The news hit the interwebs courtesy of one of the show's stars, Amir Talai, who tweeted out the show's fate.