La La Anthony La La Anthony

It's rare to find a woman who will weigh herself on national TV. Luckily, La La Anthony has no such qualms and confronts the scale for all the world to see in the premiere of La La's Full Court Life.

If anything, it's La La's friend, Dice, who must be convinced to face the numbers as she, La La and Po start their group quest to lose weight. "Dice is not a person who ever tripped out about scale and numbers, so for her to be acting like this right now is throwing me for a loop," La La tells the camera.

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Like every girl has done at one point or another, La La must cheer up Dice post-weigh-in and succeeds thanks largely to a catchy acoustic song we like to call "Sew Your Mouth."

Watch La La's hilarious performance here:

La La's Full Court Life premieres on Monday, Aug. 22 at 9/8c on VH1.