Kyle Richards Kyle Richards

As a former child star, Kyle Richards knows from drama. But even she was blown away by the histrionics that erupt on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills tonight (10/9c, Bravo) when she and frenemy Camille Grammer go at it one more time during a dinner party fans are gonna eat up!

TV Guide Magazine: So Camille throws a soiree and then...boom?!
Richards: Oh, gosh. I can't give away details, but with us, it's certainly a case of oil and water. Every time we try to fix our issues, they seem to get worse. And I didn't think it could get worse than our fight in New York. There were some digs thrown, and I had a friend with me who got defensive. And Camille had a friend there who is pretty much a villain. It all just blew up from there.

TV Guide Magazine: Is she kind of out there?
Richards: [Laughs] I'm gonna let you decide that!

TV Guide Magazine: Can we just say that your man Mauricio wins the award for Hottest Husband of the Housewives franchise?
Richards: [Laughs] I agree! He is so cute, and I never realized that everyone knew that!

TV Guide Magazine: You and your sister Kim are ex-Disney kids, so what's your take on all the scandals surrounding the current crop?
Richards: It's sad. I think it depends on the child's personality. A lot of insecurities come into play and when these kids get involved in drugs and stuff like that. You have to be very confident and have a very strong family. I never got into things like that. I felt I was very mature for my age growing up in show business.

TV Guide Magazine: And now, look at the crowd you hang with.
Richards: Are you kidding me? I never had these problems. I didn't even go to high school because I was tutored on the set. It's like I'm in high school now!

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