Liberte Chan Liberte Chan

A female meteorologist from Los Angeles-area TV station KTLA was doing the weather routine we've all seen a million times this weekend when, out of the blue (or more accurately, her left) a male colleague handed her a sweater. On air.

"You want me to put this on?" asked Liberte Chan, somewhat stunned. "Why, because it's cold?" Nope. Apparently, viewers were commenting on her appearance. As her co-worker put it, "We're getting a lot of emails."
She gamely put on the sweater (which looked worse, by the way, and only made what would've been a fleeting, inconsequential moment incredibly awkward) and joked that it made her look like a librarian. See how it went down in the clip below.

Apart from the inexplicable decision to wear a black evening dress perhaps more appropriate for a cocktail party than the morning weather, do you see anything wrong here? There's no sign of a nip slip, and her look could hardly be considered revealing.

Chan later tweeted that she put on the sparkly number because her first choice didn't work correctly on camera: a partially green dress on a green screen will look invisible on TV. And while the decision to change was supposedly because some viewers made comments, feedback to her tweets about the matter were overwhelmingly supportive.

What do you think? Was her being told to cover up justified, or a storm of sexism playing out in real time?