Bruce and Kris Jenner Bruce and Kris Jenner

Are Bruce and Kris Jenner calling it quits?

According to a report in the National Enquirer, Bruce has secretly met with divorce lawyers behind Kris' back to end their 21-year marriage. But the Kardashian matriarch says there's no truth to the speculation.

"We just laugh it off," Kris tells E! News. "We love each other and just laugh about it."

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The Jenners, whose home life is documented on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, married in 1991 and have two daughters.

"These kind of stories have been circulating for the last couple of years," Kris tells E! "We're absolutely not filing for divorce. Everything is great. We feel very blessed as a family. If we had to chase down and comment on every rumor we'd be working overtime."

Which account do you believe?