Carson Kressley, <EM>How to Look Good Naked</EM> Carson Kressley, How to Look Good Naked

After five seasons of keeping a queer eye on messy straight guys, Carson Kressley is turning his attention to the ladies for How to Look Good Naked (tonight at 9 pm/ET, Lifetime). The new makeover show offers women of all sizes tips for accepting their bodies, so we rang up the always-colorful Kressley to chat about his Naked ambition.

TV Guide: Why this show now?
Carson Kressley: Because Drew Carey got The Price Is Right. [Laughs] No, when I saw [the U.K. version of Naked], I thought, "Wow, I'd get to do something I always wanted to do — women's makeovers — and help people feel good about themselves." It's a little less superficial.

TV Guide: And it's really emotional.
There were times, growing up gay, that I didn't love myself. So I can relate to these women and maybe help them feel better about themselves through the power of a cute outfit and a bit of pampering.

TV Guide: How about this Jennifer Love Hewitt stuff?
Oh, Jennifer Love-It-All! It definitely puts a celebrity face on [body-issue matters]. That a tabloid would be so audacious to say that she's overweight? She's not overweight, she's a Size 2!

TV Guide: With Queer Eye ending, are we going to find out that you guys were hooking up all along?
Absolutely... with the straight guys! [Laughs] No, if anyone ever intimates that, I'm like, "Ewww, they're like my sisters!"

TV Guide: Even Kyan?
All right, I could make out with Kyan if I had to!

TV Guide: Who do you think looks good naked?
Brad Pitt. I was just watching a rerun of The Mexican and thinking, "Thank you, Brad!"

TV Guide: And who should wear more clothes?
Probably Britney. Really, I would just settle for a pair of underwear. [Laughs]

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