Question: I know this season just ended, but any scoop on Season 3 of Rescue Me? Find Denis Leary at the Emmys and grill him!

Answer: First off, I had to give Leary hell for closing the season on such a depressing (albeit highly emotional) note. For those in the dark (SPOILER ALERT), Leary's TV son died at the hands of a drunk driver. "It was the beginning of a Shakespearean tragic arc [for Tommy]," Leary explained, adding that "by losing his only male heir Tommy has to figure out how to replace that kid. How does he make sure, in case he dies, that there's somebody left behind?" Leary added that the third season will probably pick up "three or fourth months" after the second ended, and "Lenny Clark's character will be in prison" for gunning down the aforementioned drunk driver in the finale. And no decisions have been made about whether or not to replace Diane Farr with another female firefighter. Filming on the new season gets under way in January; the show returns next summer.