Question: I know what it's like to have "sports-fan letdown" so I can only suggest you do what I do: focus wildly on other random subjects until the pain goes away. Hey, how about Sunday's season premiere of 24? Speaking of which, give us the scoop!

Answer: OK, I'm done with the first three episodes and all I can say is wow. Obviously, I'll be jobless if I reveal too much, but in addition to the stuff Fretts divulged about Chloe, I can tell you that the first hour features two mind-numbing surprises, six deaths and a deliciously hammy performance from Jean Smart as President Logan's unstable wife. My advice to you? Strap on an extra pair of Depends, fasten your couch belt and prepare yourself for a roller-coaster ride to end all roller-coaster rides. (Oh, and you'll probably want to bring along some Kleenex, too. Yeah, it's that kind of roller coaster.)