Question: Do you know anything about Grissom and Sara's relationship on CSI?

Answer: I know I have this exclusive, only-for-AA quote from exec producers Carol Mendelsohn and Naren Shankar: "After having dealt with a miniature-making serial killer, a murder in a church, a tragic case of two missing boys, and Kevin Federline, Gil Grissom will decide that he needs a short break from the lab... and maybe a break from Sara, too. He'll only be gone a few weeks, but his office won't remain vacant in his absence. Watch out fetal pig, your days might be numbered." As I previously reported, Gil's mini-vacation will air in January, and, per my CSI spy, will be prompted by some bleak parting words from that aforementioned "miniature-making" serial killer. Apparently, he'll affect Gil in a way most standard psychopaths don't