Everybody keep their wits about them, but we now have photo evidence of one of the most anticipated ship reunions of the century.

Candice King took to Twitter today to tease the long awaited reunion of Klaroline on The Originals. "Thought I'd post this one where all the #Klaroline fandom started Had fun filming with @JosephMorgan! Thx Originals!" King posted.

The same pic of her and Joseph Morgan went up on her Instagram, with another lovely little Klaroline message: "Had fun playing with this hooligan over the past couple of days. Thanks for having me Originals!"

Naturally, fans are losing their minds.

This marks the second official episode that King has guest starred in for The Originals Season 2, but there's no word on how many episodes total she will appear in for the final season. Here's hoping her sweet farewell message is more of a "ta-ta for now" instead of "goodybe forever."

The Originals is set to return in the spring of 2018.