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Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis was released from jail Tuesday, according to CNN, after being imprisoned since Sept. 3 for not complying with an order to issue marriage licenses in Rowan County, Ky.

Davis, who was released to the triumphant tune of "Eye of the Tiger" was greeted by a crowd of supporters including Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee, who has championed Davis' insistence to observe her religion over respecting the law.

"I love you all so very much," a tearful Kim Davis told the cheering crowd. "I just want to give God the glory. His people have rallied, and you are a strong people. Just keep on pressing. Don't let down, because he is here. He's worthy."

Despite the celebratory air of the event, Davis' release did not signal a victory for her cause. Judge David Bunning, who jailed Davis last week, issued the order to release her from custody with one caveat: Davis' deputies will issue marriage licenses without her interference once she returns to her office. Judge Bunning made it clear that if Davis refuses to follow the law again, she will return to jail.

Kim Davis jailed for not issuing marriage licenses

Davis stopped issuing marriage licenses to all couples in June after the Supreme Court made same-sex marriage legal in the United States. She said that her defiance stemmed from same-sex marriage conflicting with her religious believes and that she could not issue a license under her name.

As a result, marriage licenses that are issued on a certain date now read that they have been issued "in the office of Rowan County, Rowan County County Clerk" rather than being issued under Kim Davis' name.

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