Dana Delany, <EM>Kidnapped</EM> Dana Delany, Kidnapped

NBC's Kidnapped (Wednesdays at 10 pm/ET) may be only a week old, but already its fans are avidly tossing around theories as to who could be behind young Leopold Cain's abduction and to what twisted end. Everyone is speculating, except the only two people who know: writer-exec producer Jason Smilovic (Lucky Number Slevin) and whomever it is playing the guilty party on the new TV thriller. This according to cast member Dana Delany, who plays Ellie Cain, mom to Leo and wife to Timothy Hutton's Conrad.

"Jason claims to have told the person who is [playing] the mastermind in the kidnapping [that he/she did it]," the actress shares with TVGuide.com. "But I think he's just saying that to throw us all off balance, so that none of us think that we're behind it."

As this particular season-long saga unspools if the promising NBC drama can move past its rough start in the ratings, Leo's abduction will be resolved come May, and a new mystery will be unfurled for Season 2 some unlikely faces will come under suspicion, and some new suspects will enter the picture. Is one of the people ostensibly out to find Leo actually the very person behind the vanishing? Did someone close to Conrad conceive this as some sort of revenge? Did Leo's bodyguard not really have his charge's best interests at heart? Delany, claiming that she is not in the aforementioned, two-person "circle of trust," says she has no idea and prefers it that way. "I like being surprised, not knowing [what's going to happen]," she says, "because it forces you to be in the moment and just play what you know, and not project anything."

Accordingly, Delany is allowing in her performance for the slightest, albeit rather remote possibility that Ellie herself is somehow involved in the horrific event, or at least knows far more about its root cause than she is willing to reveal. "Sometimes I remember to play that... and sometimes I don't," she admits with a chuckle. "But I think it would be fascinating if she was complicit." TV viewers who like their moms to be good and true, however, would not. "There's a certain mandate in America that the mother has to be a certain archetype. We don't want her to be anything but that," the actress notes. "So I'm curious to see what happens."

Likening her Kidnapped alter ego to Babe Paley and, more contemporarily, Erin Lauder, Delany says she is more than familiar with the type of well-bred socialite she is now playing, having attended Andover, the exclusive Massachusetts prep school. As such, she's excited to see Ellie face such turmoil and emotional angst.

"The dichotomy of somebody who seemingly has it all, but is dealing with tragedy in their life, is an interesting one," she says. "Nobody has the perfect life."

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