So you thought messages from "beyond" were only for phone psychic Miss Cleo, mon? Kevin Costner doesn't think so. In Dragonfly — opening tomorrow — he plays a widower faced with overwhelming signs that his late wife is trying to contact him. "I've never had such experiences myself," he tells TV Guide Online, "but I've never been skeptical about anybody else who's having them.

"Most of the time when I'm listening to their story," Costner says, "it's somebody that I actually have a history with. So I know how reliable they are — then, I'm a little disappointed that I haven't had one of those kind of things happen to me!"

No doubting Thomas, the actor insists he doesn't need an unseen being to levitate his living room furnishings to embrace spirituality. "If I take a look at the kind of life I've had," he muses, "of course I think that someone's watching over me and people that I love."

Costner clearly enjoys wrestling with the philosophical questions that Dragonfly poses to the moviegoer. "Can anybody explain what happens once we die?" he asks. "I love this life. I want to live forever, and if it takes on some other form, I wish somebody could give me that answer. Occasionally, somebody is so soothing when they explain it to me [that] I want to hug them. But then, when you walk away, you think, 'Did they know what the hell they were talking about?' You want so desperately to believe."