Kelly Preston by Virginia Sherwood/NBC Photo Kelly Preston by Virginia Sherwood/NBC Photo

We didn't even dream this one up. Kelly Preston will be appearing on NBC's Medium for four eppys, starting Monday, April 14 (10 pm/ET).

The actress will play Meghan Doyle, an investment banker who becomes so taken with Joe Dubois' ( Jake Weber) solar-powered invention that she decides to underwrite it herself, becoming his business partner. Her interest and attention causes tension in Joe's marriage to Allison ( Patricia Arquette).

Exec producer Glenn Gordon Caron was exuberant about Preston's appearance. "We're thrilled to have Kelly join us for the final episodes of Season 4," he said. "We needed an actress who exuded both intelligence and sexuality. Someone who could stand toe-to-toe with Patricia and Jake, and credibly create chaos in a household and a marriage that is as strong as any on television."

Will you tune in for Preston? - Anna Dimond