Ricardo Chavira, Eva Longoria and Justina Machado Ricardo Chavira, Eva Longoria and Justina Machado

In his eight years playing Eva Longoria's TV husband Carlos Solis on Desperate Housewives, Ricardo Chavira never asked her for a single favor. But to bring attention to his new NBC sitcom, Welcome to the Family, Chavira reached out to his old pal. "I sent Eva a text saying, 'Please say yes,' and she wrote back, 'To what?'" recalls Chavira, who hadn't spoken with Longoria in a year. "When I asked her to come play with us, she did not hesitate. Now I have to go to all of her charity events for the next 20 years."   

In the Oct. 17 episode, Longoria plays the sexy teacher of the younger son of Miguel (Chavira) and Lisette (Justina Machado). "We come for back-to-school night and Miguel realizes she is someone he used to date," Chavira says. "When she starts flirting with him, Lisette is not having it." The actor admits it was a little awkward to work alongside his two television wives, "but we had a really good time. Both Eva and Justina are strong Latin women whose characters boss me around. You can't mess with them!"

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