Natalie Zea and Mike Vogel Natalie Zea and Mike Vogel

She's had enough of playing the damsel in distress. In the wake of the brutal knife attack on her character Claire in the season finale of The Following, Natalie Zea will take on the role of a tough gal on CBS's Under the Dome beginning August 19.  

"I play Maxine, an out-of-towner who has been in Chester's Mill since the dome came down but has been hiding, lying in wait, ready to make her move," Zea says. "She came to Chester's Mill on an errand and has associations with some of the key players, including Big Jim [Dean Norris]."

Maxine is a real estate broker and has a connection to the mysterious Agatha (Mare Winningham), who has been looking after one of the town's homes. "Maxine is not happy being stuck under the dome but is making the most of the situation," says Zea. "And I get to carry a gun, which I rarely get to do!"

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