Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper

Does Kathy Griffin regret blurting out the F-word alongside Anderson Cooper during CNN's New Year's Eve special last year? Not even a little bit.

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"There's no regret," the comedian told The Hollywood Reporter, "I only want to go further."

But executives at CNN have gone out of their way to tame Griffin's foul mouth by threatening to yank her off the air. "This year in my contract, in addition to the stipulation that I have to give my money back if I swear, they also say they are just going to literally pull me," said Griffin.

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 While Griffin — who first let some choice words slip during the 2008 show and was forced to give her paycheck back last year due to breach of contract — has a list of off-limit words, the My Life on the D-List star doesn't really think much of it.

"I haven't technically read it. I don't consider it to be binding, I'm an artist," Griffin said. "If CNN dares to pull me live, I'll be walking right over to New Year's Rockin' Eve to give Dick Clark a lap dance. ... It's up to you America."

Do you think Griffin will make it until the show's end?