" I have almost no problem with Kate Walsh's meteoric rise to superstardom, but could Cadillac run those ads just a few dozen fewer times during the average prime-time hour? (Meanwhile, talk about rolling the dice on a celebrity spokesperson! Imagine if Private Practice tanked?)

" An ad campaign I do love is for the new season of Nip/Tuck. So good are the spots that they make me stop the ad-skip during Damages! I'm so going to get into N/T this season.

" First it was GMA's Diane Sawyer who coyly dodged the elephant in the room, and then it was Dave Letterman (no, not Dave!). I would love to hear precisely how Jennifer Lopez's apparently very powerful peeps are strong-arming interviewers into not pointedly asking about her "rumored" pregnancy (with twins, at that). I can only understand it if J.Lo is some fantastically superstitious individual who truly, honestly believes that 'fessing up too soon in the game will jeopardize Junior. But look at her - how too soon can we be?

" Said it before, I say it again: Prison Break's Sona prison, which in the May season finale came off as utterly horrifying and wretched, now looks like a particularly dingy Motel 6.

" This week's choice honest-to-goodness-it's-real question sent in to Parade's "Personality on Parade" column:

"Gwyneth Paltrow's film The Good Night was written and directed by her brother, Jake. Did he cast her to cash in on her fame? - Giovanni M., Dobbs Ferry, N.Y."

My two questions: 1) Who outside of the Paltrow family and a few film critics even knew of this itty-bitty indie's existence six weeks ago, when this Parade column went to press? And 2) isn't the obvious answer, "Um, yeah"? Oh, but look, sweet serendipity - the published answer is straight from Jake Paltrow himself!