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Kate Gosselin says she is unable to pay her bills because her estranged husband, Jon, has emptied their joint bank account. She also says the children are "angry" that production on Kate Plus Eight has been suspended.

"When you've left your children and their mother without the funds to pay for the roof over their head, it's not acceptable," Kate said on the Today show Monday. "I need that money to provide for them."

Report: Kate accuses Jon of cleaning out account, hires lawyer

Kate says Jon took out $230,000 of the $231,000 in their joint bank account, which has put the family back into the same position it was in after the sextuplets were born in 2004. "I have a stack of bills in my purse I can't put in the mail," she said.In a statement to Entertainment Tonight, Jon's lawyer, Mark Jay Heller, said his client has "not withdrawn any money for his own remuneration with the exception of the past several months wherein he believes he only withdrew approximately $175,000.""I have the accounting of the last few months and it's exactly $230,000, beginning on Aug. 10 and his last withdrawal was Sept. 29," Kate said.This isn't the first time Jon has taken money from the account without Kate's knowledge, she said. Before she filed for divorce in June, Kate said Jon withdrew money, prompting her to set aside $100,000 for herself and her children because "I was afraid." She said she later moved the money back into the account on her lawyer's advice, and split the $100,000 with Jon, who used it for "erratic purchases."

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An arbitrator then set in place a ruling that neither spouse is allowed to withdraw funds from the account without the other's consent. But Kate said that she, being the "money manager," could use it as long as she provided proof of paid bills. "He has gone way far off the trail. I can't sleep at night," Kate said. "I can't pay my bills. I think he's receiving bad counsel. I think he's making bad decisions."One of those bad decisions, she said, is attempting to end their TLC series. While Jon claims the children are being exploited by the show and don't want to be filmed anymore, Kate said that could not be further from the truth.

TLC suspends Kate Plus Eight after Jon Gosselin issues cease-and-desist order

"I told the kids over the weekend that we weren't filming," Kate said. "Times eight, there was wailing and sobbing. They love the crew, they love the interaction, they love the events. It is not harmful to them. They are angry."She added: "Call me crazy, but I'm still hoping at some point that I'll receive a phone call and the old Jon is back."

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She also called in to The View on Monday and prefaced her conversation saying "this is the worst thing I could be talking about right now."

"It's up to the lawyers and the courts, and I'm sorry that it's gotten this ugly because my goal all along was peace," Gosselin said. "And I hate this, I just hate it. I hate that this is happening to myself and my kids, and I don't know what else to say. I hate it."