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While we anxiously await his next album, which he has promised will be both a gospel effort and the greatest of all time, Kanye West teased items from the next iteration of his Yeezy collection on Twitter. In a series of tweets with the heading "Fitting," West showed images of a socked foot in a Lucite sandal, a distressed sweater paired with a heavily embellished skirt ("wife outfit," reads the caption) and boots labeled 1050s - the last version of which retail for $625.00.

Kanye West thinks the fashion world discriminates against him because he's not gay

West is scheduled to unveil the collection at Madison Square Garden during Fashion Week — the gathering of fashion insiders who so far haven't shown West's line a lot of love. From his infamous leather jogging pants rant, having his collection(s) panned by the fashion press and infuriating established designers in 2015 after surprise announcing his presentation (sending press scurrying to his show and away from the brands that spent gobs of money and time on planned events) --Kanye's foray into fashion hasn't been without roadblocks. Maybe this will be the year Yeezy wins over the industry leaders - and the public?

In the meantime, we could always run down to the local Army Navy and get the same stuff for a fraction of the cost. Check out some of Kanye's clothes below. What do you think?