Kanye West, Taylor Swift Kanye West, Taylor Swift

After Taylor Swift told the ladies of The View that Kanye West had yet to apologize for his VMA outburst, the rapper phoned the studio and did just that.

VIDEO: Watch Kanye West's VMA interruption

While the contents of the call were private, during an ABC News Radio interview Tuesday Swift said that she has accepted West's apology.

The young singer described what was going through her head when West took the mic from her hands during her acceptance speech at Sunday's VMAs to tell the crowd that Beyonce deserved to win for her "Single Ladies" video. According to Swift, what started with "Wow, I can't believe I won" was replaced by "Oh, Kanye West is here...cool haircut...what are you doing there?" And once he began to speak, she said all she could think was "Ouch, and I guess I'm not going to get to thank fans."

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Though Swift admits she was "rattled" by the whole thing, she needed to rally in order to take the stage. "I had to perform, live, five minutes later, so I had to get myself back to the place where I could perform," she said.

She said she owes her strength to the support of other artists and fans who contacted her in the hours that followed — especially on Twitter. "I just never imagined that there were that many people looking out for me. So it was really wonderful to see people out there defending me, so I didn't have to."

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