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Every year, MTV manages to create, or stumble upon, some special moment of insanity at of the VMAs. Britney's botched comeback, Lil' Kim's boob meeting Diana Ross, Justin Timberlake dissing The Hills (and encouraging MTV to play more music videos).

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TVGuide.com will be on the lookout for this year's crazy, and will live-tweet the night starting with red carpet arrivals at 8/7c with the hash tag #VMAs. Here are five crazy-yet-totally plausible things that could make this year's show:

Taylor Swift serenades Kanye West — with an assist from Cee-Lo. West just apologized to the 20-year-old country-pop superstar, but it might be too little too late. Swift was spotted singing a song she wrote about last year's VMA fiasco during Saturday's rehearsals, according to the Associated Press. Assuming she wrote a kiss-off, it only makes sense to have Cee-Lo guest star. Can't you see it: He busts in just when Swift's warbling begins to hurt, and delivers to West a verse or two from "F--- You," the kiss-off to end all kiss-offs. We can only hope someone at MTV was smart enough to think of it — and that Swift hasn't planned a ballad of forgiveness.

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Justin Bieber debuts a new 'do. We already know he's planning an "epic" rendition of his hit "Baby." (It probably won't be nearly as awesome as the slow-mo version.) What would really be something is if he changed up his signature floppy mop, already copped by many a lesbian. It could happen: He's already branching out into acting, and he'd be way more versatile without the distraction of the silky smooth bangs. Plus, he's gone hairless before. More likely? A live collaboration with his new love, which wouldn't be a bad alternative by any means.

Three words: "Oh Sookie" Live. Rapper and VMA nominee Snoop Dog is a professed fan of True Blood — his music video ode to Sookie proves it." It's only fair that MTV makes up for airing the VMAs opposite the season finale — Snoop's going to have to Tivo — by giving us one fangtastic number. It would be the greatest promotion ever for Anna Paquin, whose True Blood co-star Joe Manganiello is also presenting, to take the stage in a Snoop-Sookie duet. MTV's awards shows are good for nothing if not celebrity hawking. This is one sales job we'd all love.

TVGuide.com editorial: Kanye and Taylor Swift should make out

Lady Gaga tops... herself. At January's Grammys, she played dueling pianos with Elton John, both of them dressed up as blown-up fame monsters, scattered, outstretched limbs dividing them. What could be more over-the-top? Glee, of course! True, the Emmys just made good use of the singing, dancing choir kids. But Gaga and Glee is a proven pairing. The show has already paid tribute to her songs (they sing a third in the upcoming second season premiere), and Chris Colfer has conquered her impossible shoes. We trust Gaga will surprise and amaze us once more by seting them on fire mid-number... or something.

Dance, Jersey Shore, dance! Every nightclub in South Beach has welcomed the moves (and brawls and messy makeouts) of the Jersey Shore crew. And everyone knows they can fist-pump. MTV would be wise to make them the evening's (likely debauched) drill team for an extra-poufy, extra-juicy half-time show led by Snooki and featuring J-WOWW's famous chest squeezes, MVP's grenade-free grinding and Ronnie and Sammi's on-again, off-again two-step. Wait, we don't want to see those two do anything except break-up for good.