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Kanye West is the furthest thing from a gangster rapper, but you wouldn't know it from the slew of charges against him over an altercation with airport paparazzi.

Six months after the video hit the web of West scraping with photographers at Los Angeles International Airport, the rapper is charged with one count each of vandalism, grand theft and battery.

His manager, Don Crawley, has been charged with two counts of each of the charges.

If convicted, West, 31, could face two-and-a-half years behind bars. His manager could face five.

A statement from the Los Angeles City attorney says the tape shows West and Crawley "forcefully wrestling a still camera from one of the photographers."

"Mr. Crawley was seen smashing the camera on the ground and Mr. West was also seen throwing down a camera flash accessory," the statement continues. "A video camera was also damaged during the altercation."

West and his manager were arrested in the incident, which "resulted in minor injuries to one of the photographers," according to prosecutors.