Can't wait until Super Bowl Sunday for your annual commercial goodness fix? Fear not, for we have Justin Timberlake at his finest. In his brand-spankin'-new ad for Pepsi, JT's hangin' out with his friends at his NYC restaurant Southern Hospitality but is suddenly dragged out by some mysterious magnetic force. We see him sucked across city streets, up building sides and even through the ever-so-clean Hudson (bumping into a few celeb friends along the way). All we know is it's going to be really hard for all the other commercials on Sunday to top SNL's Andy Samberg sitting topless and brushing his blonde wig.

Do you find the Super Bowl ads as exciting (if not sometimes way more entertaining) than the actual game? As Sunday night arrives and you check out this year's other buzzworthy spots featuring beer, babes and what not, visit our Asks blog to sound off on the good and the Bud.