Thanks to Sauza 901 tequila, it's as if limes like Rick "Sour" Vane don't even exist anymore.

Justin Timberlake, as Vane, reveals what it's like to be a washed-up lime in a new ad for the liquor, with what might be his most standout performance yet.

The three-minute spot reminds viewers — and tequila drinkers — that it's a rough world out there for limes now that Sauza 901 has set a new standard for tequila.

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"Tequila drinkers will be coming back for us," Vane assures. "They'll be crawling on their hands and knees."

Timberlake is a co-owner of Sauza 901, and even tweeted out a cheeky personal apology to the limes that have faced hardship after his quest to create a super smooth tequila. To make up for his part in the tragedy, Timberlake promises to support limes in other culinary — and everyday endeavors.