Tobias Strebel, the Botchedstar who spent thousands of dollars on procedures to look like Justin Bieber, has been found dead, TMZ reports. He was 35.

Strebel was reported missing last week after his friends became concerned when they hadn't seen or heard from him. His body was found on Aug. 21 in a Motel 6 in the San Fernando Valley, TMZ reports, a couple of days before news reports surfaced that he had been reported missing.

Police sources tell TMZ that drugs were found in the motel room, but the cause of death is under investigation. Strebel had recently broken up with his boyfriend, according to TMZ.

When he appeared on Botched, Strebel said that he had spent more than $100,000 on cosmetic surgery in an attempt to look like his idol, Justin Bieber. In addition to Botched, Strebel also appeared on My Strange Addiction.