Justin Bieber Justin Bieber

Finally, there is something to unite the Beliebers and Drake Bell fans: Comedy Central will host a roast of Justin Bieber, the network announced Tuesday.

The roast will be tape in Los Angeles with an airdate to be announced shortly.

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"Justin has been asking us for a few years to roast him, and we just kept telling him to go create more source material first. We're thrilled he listened," Comedy Central President Kent Alterman said in a statement.

"Finally after all that hard work for my 21st bday it's happening," Bieber tweeted. "Let's do it J"

Bieber was mocked over the weekend on Saturday Night Live when Kate McKinnon reprised her impression of the young pop star for a parody of his Calvin Klein ads. Bieber thought the skit was "lol," so it's clear he has thick enough skin to handle a full-blown roast.

Will you watch?

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