Question: I was just watching SVU, and they previewed some big-name guest stars coming up this season, including Robert Patrick, Cody Kasch and Marcia Gay Harden. Who else is dropping in?

Answer: Big scoop! Erstwhile Superman Dean Cain just closed a deal to appear in the Nov. 1 episode as "a very handsome guy who may or may not be involved in a series of serial rapes," says exec producer Neal Baer. The all-star episode also features Tootsie's Teri Garr as his lawyer and Tina Holmes (aka Six Feet Under's Maggie) as his girlfriend. Other big-name guests this season include Lynda Carter, Julian Sands, Mark McGrath and Veronica Cartwright. Oh, and The Shield's CCH Pounder will reprise her recurring role as tough-as-nails defense attorney Carolyn Maddox in this season's fifth episode. She'll defend a murder suspect accused of killing two HIV-positive gay men.