Poor Enrico Colantoni. Mere weeks after wrapping the fifth season of Just Shoot Me, the sitcom star feels lucky if he can recall who he plays — Blush magazine shutterbug Elliott DiMauro — much less what makes the May 10 finale grand. "I can't remember," he admits to TV Guide Online. "I'm sure somebody's sleeping with somebody."

That's okay. The actor may catch hell from NBC for his forgetfulness, but we'll cut him some slack. After all, he has a lot on his mind, what with upcoming appearances on the Sci Fi Channel's The Outer Limits series and in TNT's James Dean movie. And at least he managed to recollect what Just Shoot Me viewers won't see in the last episode: a reconciliation between Elliott and his sweetheart, Laura San Giancomo's Maya Gallo.

"I hoped [the writers] would deal with the breakup more," he sighs. "We loved it when we were trying to get together, and we loved it when we were together. We don't like it so much when we're apart.

"I miss that tension," he continues. "It was the kind of codependent drama that Laura and I both thrive on."

However, though Colantoni — like many a hopelessly romantic Just Shoot Me fan — is rooting for the couple to reunite, he isn't itching to get them hitched. "Never get married — that ties it up too easily," he argues. "I liked the way Diane and Sam ended it on Cheers. They loved each other, but she went off anyway. It's like, 'Wow... cool.'"