Question: Just saw your story about Lorelai's wedding dress in the new TV Guide and, to me, it looks ugly on her. Why did AS-P and Lauren choose it?

Answer: Well, I urge Gilmore Girls addicts everywhere to go pick up a copy of the new TV Guide magazine (on sale Thursday with NCIS on the cover) and judge for yourselves. I, personally, thought the dress was a little plain-Jane, but as AS-P pointed out, her mission was twofold: To find a dress that Lorelai would like and Lauren would wear. No easy task. "I wanted Lauren to feel pretty in it, [but at the same time] the dress Lorelai would wear and the dress Lauren would wear would be two completely different dresses. Lauren would probably wear something a little sleeker. Lorelai would wear something probably a little funkier." Here are some other subjects AS-P tackled during our recent chat:

L&L wedding this season? "I don't know. It's very possible."

Trouble ahead for L&L? "We like up-and-down courses. We don't like one straight line. So, there's going to be some trouble ahead, but we all know that Luke and Lorelai belong together. Whatever troubles that they hit, there's a deep belief that, at some point, these two people really should just suck it up and get it over with."

The return of Friday-night dinners in Episode 13: "I just saw some of the footage. It hasn't quite been cut together yet, but I was just over there panicking about it 'cause when you're there seeing it shot, it's always completely different than when you see it on a tiny little screen and you're like, 'Oh, I thought it would be different.' [But] I was actually very pleased and I think a lot of it translated just the way we wanted it to. It was very cathartic in a way because we really haven't had that. It was an entire act of just those four people locked in a house together. It's great. "

Rumors that Kirk won't be back next season? "Bulls--t."

Marty? "We're looking for the right spot to bring him back because we love him. We don't have it yet, but we are looking for it."

Negotiations for Season 7? "We're nowhere. We're not in negotiations, we don't have a contract, and frankly, right now, we're just trying to get to Christmas without dropping dead."